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What is Panda Universe?

Panda Universe is a NFT collection that is committed to giving back to the community. Each of our 9450 Pandas will be minted with unique and interesting attributes that will not only be fun for the community but will bring them utility in our play to earn game PandaVerse!

The pandas will live on the Polygon Network (MATIC).

From regular giveaways, community driven charitable donations, and passive income, we are dedicated to our community and bringing YOU a good return on your investment.

The amazing pandas

Why should I invest in a Panda?

There are many reasons why you should buy a Panda! Take a look at some of them!

Royalty return


Royalty return

100 randomly chosen Pandas among the first minted will receive 10% of our royalites for one complete year!

Royalty return


Royalty to charity

Feel good about yourself! Every month the community will vote for a charity to donate 10% of our royalties to!

Royalty return


All of our holders will be eligible for regular airdrops from our development team!

Royalty return

Access to P2E Game

Get access to our play-to-earn game PandaVerse and earn CRYPTO by battling other Pandas, and completing tasks!

The amazing pandas

Pandaverse - P2E Game

Pandaverse will be a Play-To-Earn (P2E) game where Panda holders can battle other Pandas, complete tasks in the Pandaverse and much more!
All this while earning CRYPTO.

And craziest of all - You can be your own manager and start a scholarship program!


Our roadmap will activate as we hit strategic milestones in the Panda Universe. Each phase will strategically implement a new part of our project and plan to achieve our goals and bring success to the community!

Phase 0

Whitelist opportunity

You're here now! The community is growing and you have the opportunity to get whitelisted to mint the Pandas before everyone else!

Phase 1

Pre-mint and whitelist closure

Whitelist is closed and pre-mint sales begin! All of our whitelisted Pandas will have an opportunity to mint prior to public mint with a chance to mint super rare Pandas and be entered into whitelist only giveaways prior to public sale!

Phase 2

Public launch

Whitelist giveaways are over and public mint is here! Everyone who may have missed any opportunity to mint a Panda with the whitelist can finally mint! Minting limit is 5 per wallet.

Phase 3

20% minted

It’s time to start the giveaways again! Every week after Phase 3 we’ll start our giveaways again! Stay active in the discord to find out if you’re the lucky winner!

Phase 4

40% minted

We begin our monthly charitable donation with 10% of our royalties to charities of the community's choosing!

Phase 5

60% minted

We launch a professional marketing campaign on social media for Panda Universe!

Phase 6

80% minted

We begin our airdrop campaign to all Panda holders! Watch for announcements on Discord for more information!

Phase 7

100% minted

We celebrate! We launch a series of celebratory giveaways for all the holders in the community to take part in! Developer insights of the P2E game (PandaVerse) will be released.

Phase 8

PandaVerse BETA

We begin closed beta testing of our P2E game and solicit feedback from the community to improve the game and user experience!

Phase 9

PandaVerse Release

Play to Earn game PandaVerse is released and Roadmap V2 is developed.

The Team

The amazing team powering the Panda Universe!

Team member Deniz


Founder & Developer

Team member SDreaver


Community Manager

Team member Zhin


Community manager


Any questions? Feel free to look below or message us on Discord!

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+ What network is used?

+ What marketplace can be used?

+ How much would minting cost?

+ How can I buy MATIC? (Polygon Network)

+ When will the minting start?

+ How can I mint one?

+ What are the benefits of holding?

+ How do you fund the project?